Words can change everything…

Hey friends. Glad you stopped by today. I really love this one little word challenge we have been doing for 2012.

If you are new to this challenge we have all chosen one word… It can be any word…just has to be a word that you can focus on daily. My word for 2012 is WORDS.

I have a lot to work on with my words still. When to use them when to hold them in. When to silently say them and when to shout them from a roof top.

One way we can use our words to really make a difference in someones life is to use our words in the most loving way.


Praying for others is one of best ways we can be a better mother, daughter , sister, and friend.

We are all guilty of at times of saying we will pray for someone but never really do. It’s time we change that. One way I found is when someone asks me to pray I do it right then. Then I also write it down so I can pray again later but by praying right away you are using your words as promised.

Words spoken to God are powerful words. They are so meaningful.

Let me take a moment a pray for you.
Dear Lord, I come before you today with a thankful heart. Thankful for the beautiful flowers, fresh spring air, and green grass that’s all around me. Father I want to thank you for the person reading this today. May this person be blessed. May they have a peace in their life that can only come from you Lord. Father if my friend is a Christian please help them be bold. Help them to remember to listen to your gentle voice and follow the plan you have for their life. Lord if my friend has not yet given their life to you I pray they do. I pray that the right person comes into their life and shares all your glories with them. Allow their heart to be open to hearing your truth. Lord allow them to feel your presence. Father I thank you again for how you allow us to share about your never ending love for us. In your son’s precious name amen.

would you join us.. it’s not to late to chose your one little word.
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