wiww …the not so pretty

wiww is where is share with you what i wore!
it’s my way of staying accountable for getting dressed in real clothes and not my yoga pants everyday.
some weeks i look like i have it together
and then there is this week…
where i look like a hot mess.

my husband thought we should go sledding as a family.
let me remind you:

  • i do not own a winter coat
  • i do not own gloves for playing in the snow
  • i do not like sledding
  • and i hate being cold

however i found some things to wear
i layered my clothes (jeans, leggings, 2 pairs of socks, multiple shirts)
and wore my husbands coat!

wiww sledding outfit

i know what you are thinking.. amazing!
esp the old stained hunting socks

here is the final bundle…

wiww sledding edition

i would love to tell you i had a great time
well i did for the most part but the time ended with a bang…
for those who follow me on twitter you may remember this tweet… (excuse the typo)

@boermanc tweet

do you enjoy the snow? sledding?

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  1. Chrissy- how can you live in MI and not have a winter coat!?! Girl it is freezing up there. I am not a fan of the cold but will do family snow days a couple times in a season. Then they are on their own. Love the hot mess look.:) xox
    Amanda recently posted..Celebrate St. Patricks day {for kids}My Profile

  2. Oh goodness. This cracks me up! I’m totally with you though, I hate being cold and hate sledding!
    Courtney recently posted..melty walls!?My Profile

  3. I hate hate hate sledding. I even feel quite guilty because I refuse to take my kids sledding.
    Katie Shannon recently posted..Tell Me TuesdayMy Profile

  4. Just keepin’ it real! Love that – and yes, I do love snow and sledding if I’m dressed for it and can escape it to somewhere warm.
    Amy Tilson recently posted..I’m Un-Fine, How Are You?My Profile

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