wiww color run


this weekend i was blessed to join a group of Jesus loving women to run a race celebrating God’s miracles.

the color run

we woke up bright and early dressed in a lot of white! please ignore the bags under my eyes. focus on the gorgeous sweat band the race provided for us!

the color run pre race

Shelly, me, Kelly

stay tuned tomorrow for the reason behind our team at the Color run. Shelly plays a supporting role in the story!
our team give or take a few ladies!

pre color run

here we are before getting to the event!

at the starting line

when you checked in for the race the night before you were given a t-shirt, sweatband, race number, tattoo, and a packet of color. The thought is you hold onto your color packet while you run and when you finish throw it at the finish line, or one of the color parties (which were every 15 minutes)
Our team, being the good listeners we are, chose to follow our own plan. we really did not want to run with our packets so we had a pre-race color party. at the starting line of course!

pre-race color party

not going to lie, i contemplated walking away from the start line here and pretending i actually ran the race. i looked like i had so who would think other wise. of course i did not do that. I was running this race to thank God for a miracle!

another pre-race color party picture

it was so much fun acting like little kids and throwing color at each other! not only did we look like a preschool art project the ground looked like a masterpiece!
color run

the race was fun, the atmosphere was colorful (ha ha), the weather was perfect, and i praising God the whole time!

before and after of the Color Run

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