WIWW # 50 I wore a belt and ROCKED it …

Why hello friends…
I am glad you came by this week. I have some questions for you later in the post.
style questions that is!

and that’s because I wore a belt

First I want to say my steroid wean sucks.. my hand have been swollen and it sucks…

that picture was taken after about HALF of the swelling went away…
It does go down after a wile but had not all gone away yet.

Enough on my pitty party!
On to the fashion, or lack there of!

First up we have Outfit #1.. I went to a friends for a sewing party then had an fun night at home with the littles while hubby took our oldest on date!

red sweater
red cardigan – old navy
stripped T shirt and Jeans – charlotte russe
necklace and matching headband – made by me ( sold the necklace today)

This next outfit was inspired by my new fav fashion blog
want to know about my H shape and find out how to best dress your shape..
check out this amazing blog here
I also blogged about my shape here and here  and here

So this time I was trying to follow the how to wear a belt rules for an ‘H’ shape…

Last week I wore the low waisted belt this week I wore the higher waisted belt under a cardi!
I wore it two ways that day… one higher than the other, def like the higher one better…

Check out my HIT and MISS belt photo…

So what do you think…
this is where you come in. How did I do? 

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