WIWW # 49 .. how to wear a belt …

yo, yo, yo…
okay I tried…

So I am a little loopy right now.
No I have not been drinking, or taking to many prescription drugs…
I am weaning off my prednisone and think it’s making me slightly funny!
Don’t worry no children are in danger!

This past week has been super busy.
I attended not one, but 2 surprise birthday parties.
amongst the business of a normal week, and top it off Hubby and 2 kids had the flu for 3 days.

I stuck with comfort clothes for both parties this weekend.

outfit #1

long sleeve black t – old navy
black flowy top – goodwill (NWT)
jeans – macy’s
boots – charlotte russe
watch – local shop
headband/matching ring – SimplyCreated

earrings – Nat’s Knapsack

Outfit #2 forgot to take pics… found this one on Facebook (thanks Cristi)

white button up – new york & co
jeans – macy’s
orange cardi – old navy
ring / necklace –  SimplyCreated

outfit #3 was inspired by my new fav fashion blog
want to know about my H shape and find out how to best dress your shape..
check out this amazing blog here
I also blogged about my shape here and here

So this time I was trying to follow the how to wear a belt rules for an ‘H’ shape…

ignore the lack of make-up and bad hair!

   jeans – maurices

cardi/t shirt – old navy
belt – goodwill
necklace – SimplyCreated

I am going to try this look again but with a different outfit.
I think it could really work.
My goal for next week it to try both belted looks and see if they work for my shape…

how did i do so far????

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