WIWW # 4 … Yes I look like a rainbow this week!

 Yes  I look like a rainbow this week!
Everyone tells me all I wear is black, gray, and white.
Which I do.
I wanted to show everyone I do have color in my wardrobe.


We were heading to church.
My husband and I co-lead a small group of 4th graders and all 3 kids are in programs on Wed too!
It’s a fun night for all of us.
The leaders have to wear a “uniform”.
Hence the bright orange shirt!
Orange shirt- church provided
long sleeve white T – TJ Maxx
Jeans – Charlotte Russe
shoes – Charlotte Russe
necklace – SimplyCreated
Ring – Little Miss Momma
Thursday – Happy St.Patrick’s day!
Yes I dressed myself and all the kids in green.
We had MOPS today! Love me some MOPS
White Cardigan – Gap
White lace tank – Maurice’s
Green tank – Target ( have like 5 different color ones)
Jeans – Maurice’s (hydraulic)
Shoes – Target
Necklace SimplyCreated
Hair Clip – SimplyCreated
Friday was a day to hang out at home and organize.
White long sleeve T – Target
Blue Tank – Target
Jeans –  Hydraulic from Maurice’s
Necklace – SimplyCreated
Slippers – secret Santa gift from 4 years ago!

Saturday – hanging out with friends!


Rocking a new necklace I made. You can see my tutorial over at Craft Couture.

Black cardigan – TJ Maxx
White T – Target
White lace tank – Maurices
Jeans – Charlotte Russe
Ring – Little Miss Momma
Pink Slippers – Target gift from 4 yrs ago
Necklace – ME

Sunday – Pulling clothes from the basement boxes!

I have not been able to fit into this pink shirt for like 4 years!
Pink Shirt – Express, gift from hubby
Gray tank – Charlotte Russe
Gray Pants –  Deb’s (from 7th grade)
slippers (again) we don’t wear shoes in our house 🙂
Necklace – SimplyCreated you can purchase one here

Monday – a gloomy-rainy-dentist appointment-errand-running day

Okay, not the best outfit or hair! I now see that. The jeans do not fit right! dang…
better luck next week!

White Cardigan – Gap
Blue stripped shirt – no idea!
Jeans – American Eagle
Boots – Charlotte Russe
Baby Lenny – Made by me!

So the shirt had a little red stain on it.
I added the white jersey ruffles to cover it up!
The Jeans were on clearance,
and they were extra longs (I am only 5′ 4”)
I thought if I shortened them, they would fit but the cut if all off. Need to get a shorty pair of skinny jeans.

Tuesday – Bible study and basement organizing !

really, do I need to ask where my kids get it from?

Yellow T – Target
Brown tank – maurices
Jeans – Charlotte Russe
Shoes – Chralotte Russe
Necklace – *new* by SimplyCreated – not in the shop yet though 🙁

That’s all the color I have for you  folks…
Back to black and gray next week!
A lot less thinking involved!

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  1. You are ADORABLE! LOVE the necklace you made!

  2. Let’s take a moment to realize that yellow is SO your color! You look just stunning in the yellow shirt, but I really love the yellow necklace you made. It looks amazing on you!

  3. How cute are you!!! I love your poses, and outfits. Love the colors and your jewelry is BEEEAATTTTIFFFULLLL!

  4. I love all the color, I’m beginning to notice that my wardrobe is mainly black and grays lately a lot like the weather!! Hopefully spring is on its way so I too can add a little color!

    Kelli @ loveoursimplelife.blogspot.com

  5. Way to go with color girl! Good to know the baby in the background was “made by you” lol

  6. You are just the cutest thing. Really. Love to see your pictures of outfits. I love the Saturday outfit the best but you look darling in all of them. Congrats on your news letter.

  7. You look amazing in all the color! I have the SAME exact problem with wearing gray, black and white ALL the time! I love the yellow necklace you made too–its beautiful. And congrats on the new domain!

  8. Your picture collages are a crack up – love them, and your Thurs and Sat outfits too, esp. the necklace you made – awesome!

  9. I LOVE all your color! Also love the necklace you made…a lot!

  10. Loving the color! :). I’m 5’4 too lol. Oh & I’m loving your necklace in the last picture, excited to see it in your shop!

  11. Loving the bright colors and outfits… but what I really adore is your posing style! Super sassy! :o)

  12. I love the color! I have the same problem with only black and boring colors in my wordrobe. Working on it!

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