WIWW #20… it’s hot out and a challenge

WIf you are new to my little blog…
WIWW posts I link up with The Pleated Poppy and Momma Go Round
It’s a way for me to have accountability and to actually get “dressed” every most days.
I did not take many pictures this week because most of the days I was in my bathing suit! 
yes it’s been that hot and this week it’s going to be hotter
a heat index already the last 2 days of 100 degrees
that’s not okay for little ol’Michigan
Outfit one is not bad but the hair, yikes
it’s post pool hair…
tank – target
shorts – old navy
Outfit 2, was taken right before we left for a friends house.
They have a projector and we were going to watch a movie outside at their house.
it was a blast. we even had, cake, ice cream and snow cones too!

white tank- dollar general
navy tank – old Navy
shorts – dots
ring – SimplyCreated
Now on to the challenge…
My sweet friend Jami {from the nato’s} is a Jesus loving, God fearing lady, wife, and mom.
She wrote a post a few weeks back called mother as the mentor.
She wrote a follow up post today that was so inspiring called: resources for mothers: let’s get our booties in gear.
I love how she started the post by asking you to read a post John Piper wrote motherhood is a calling, not a hobby.
It’s powerful and as Jami points out most us will get a slap on the hand or a full blown spankin’ from it! 
She challenges us to read through the 14 ways to mentor your child and pick one or more to try this month. She will follow up and see how we all are doing. I clicked the comment section to let her know what I was planning on doing, but before I could get there I was reading others comments and came across someone who wrote that they blogged about this already this week and knew God was trying to tell her something. 
I checked out the link and was in tears after reading it. 
She spoke my words, my feelings, my heart. 
On how I had been mothering my kids, How I was ashamed at pushing them away and that I needed to change. 
I encourage you to read Greta’s heart as she shares it with us. 
I know for sure that God has placed both of those blog posts for me to read today, and I excited to take on the challenge at being a better Mom and mentor to my kids.
What about you? Do you struggle with this too?
Are you willing to take Jami’s challenge?
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  1. Just ran across your blog from by Aimee and 1- you are adorable and I enjoy your blog. 2 thanks formsharing this, it sounds amazing and I’m going to check it out now! god bless!


  2. same darn thing here girl. challenge accepted! going to read it now…better grab my tissue first and i might as well get my hand ready for a slappin’.

    oh, and you look super cool and cute! glad you are still doing the outfits and pictures!!!

  3. way to encourage mothers. you are so sweet.

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