WIWW # 15 … it’s gettin hot out here…

I am extremely disappointed with my outfit posting this week
Not for a lack of getting dressed
but a lack of taking pictures.

I even wore 3 new outfits
that were out of my comfort zone
but I liked them all

I’ll have to wear them all again next week
just so I can take pictures of them!

I also have a mini refashion to show you today too!

I can not remember what I wore on what day this week

Shorts – kind of a faux jean i guess – from Fashion Bug
waldo shirt –  Charlotte Russe
white tank – dollar general ( 3 pack for 2.00 can’t beat that)

pink tank – from friends garage sale, Limited 2
black leggings – kohl’s
black dress – old navy
sunglasses – from sister, calvin klein
green tank – target
shorts – Fashion Bug
necklace – SimplyCreated

I have this dress
that I bought last year for a friends wedding
I used to really like it
until, the last few times I wore it
people asked when I was due
I was not pregnant nor recently post partum either
I have a big little issue with what some call
a spare tire!
Since this dress is jersey/knit it clings to the not so great areas
I was going to send it off to Goodwill but I loved the top
It’s the perfect Mom tank
you know when you need to bend down 300 times for your toddler approved tank

I thought why not make it into a shirt instead.
and that’s just what I did
since it is jersey I did not even need to finish off the bottom

I love this new tank and have already worn it 2 times! 

Tank – target (refashion dress by me)
shorts – fashion bug
necklace – SimplyCreated

Do you have any quick refashions you have done recently?

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  1. Looks sooo much cuter as a top! Nice thinking! 🙂

  2. Great job on the dress to a shirt. At some point and time I’d like to do more things like that- maybe someday.
    Love the bubble photos!

  3. Woot woot you are super cute! (Oh hey, that rhymed!)

    You look amazing this week! You can totally pull off short shorts and that tank refashion…OH. MY. GAWWWD. It’s as if it was meant to be a tank.

    And I am feeling you on the toddler approved tank.

    Your faces are so cute int he black dress…i need to hamm it up for the camera more.

    Great job this week, looking forward to your new outfits next week!

  4. I’m loving the tank that was a dress. That can work into so many different looks dressed up or down! I love it. … can I have it?

  5. You look great in all the outfits but I love the re-fashion! I am all about a good “mom” tank. My son loves to show off my goods whenever he can, lol. Not cool!

  6. I love your re-fashion on the dress!

  7. Love the necklace…
    I’ve started to add a few of your pieces to my cart! 😉

  8. Very cute refashion! I love it! You are so super cute!


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