Why I choose firmoo glasses


Some women loves purses others love shoes. I however love glasses.
Oh and cell phone cases. It’s weird but it’s how I roll.

My friends at Firmoo reached out and asked if I wanted to choose and review a new pair of glasses.
Umm let me think. Yup.
Ya’ll know I love me some Firmoo glasses. I have been a gifted a few pairs for review but have also purchased multiple pairs as well.

Most recently I asked you guys for help choosing a new frame.

firmoo glasses

One of my favorite parts of getting new glasses is asking for friends opinions.
I mean come on who doesn’t love an opportunity to freely share their opinion.

The majority of you chose options 5 or 6 and although I liked them I just thought they were too similar to two pairs I already own. I really wanted something different this time around. I gave my husband the final vote and he chose #9.

Firmoo glasses

These frames are my favorite ones yet. I love how light weight they are. I sometimes forget that I have them on. And once that didn’t work in my favor. I had removed them when starting a fire in our wood stove and then well, I’ll let the picture tell you the rest.

 broken glasses replaced fast by Firmoo

Don’t fret folks, my sweet friends at Firmoo replaced my glasses in less than 2 weeks.

new frames


So as you can see I love my new glasses. They fit my face perfect. I love the Anti-scratch lenses along with adding the anti-reflective feature. When working on a computer screen all day, this is a most! The only thing I feel I need to make you aware of is that with the the special lens coatings you can not get a good clean lens by wiping them with your shirt. They do send you that large cleaning cloth for a reason. So don’t loose it! Other than that I highly recommend them.

I want you to enjoy your next pair as much as me. So I am giving away 10 free pairs of Firmoo glasses (to new customers only). The special code I give you will covers a complete pair of eyeglasses, the shipping and handling fee are extra.

You will need to order your glasses by April 30th. So I recommend you call you Eye Dr. and get a RX emailed to you right away so you can attach it your order. Or if you are just looking for a fun pair of prescription-less frames then hey go for it.

I will choose 10 winners by April 1oth.

To be entered leave a blog post comment and/or share my post on Facebook. If you opt for a facebook share make sure you tag me in it so I can enter your name the drawing.

Each blog comment and/or facebook share is an entry, the more you share or the more posts you comment on get you more entries!!


Again thank you Firmoo for the free glasses and thank you for sharing this awesome product with to of my readers!!

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  1. I am in need of a new pair of glasses! Sign me up please!

  2. BTW… you know I could use them since I’ve ordered the same pair over and over again for the last 6 years!

  3. well you look adorable in your glasses, so I might as well try some too! 🙂 pick me!! haha

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