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remembering WHOSE we are

When we forget our identity, we lose sight of whose we are. When we don’t know where we came from, we won’t know where we’re going. And sometimes, a reminder of who we are is stronger than a rebuke of what we are not. – Bianca Juarez Olthoff

As I read those words this morning my heart skipped a beat.
I felt this rush of guilt inside by body.
Not because I could relate to the lady’s story exactly but I could when it came to her identity.

So often when we meet someone we ask a name and what they do.
“Hi, I’m Chrissy I don’t work…”
“Hi my name is Chrissy I am stay at home mom…”
“I’m a stay at home mom, small business owner…”
“HI I am Chrissy, I used to work in the medical field, but now I stay home…”

But really I should be saying
“Hi, I’m Chrissy, A child of God, who loves Jesus and falls short daily but keeps trying. I am also a wife and mom.”

Let’s be honest though, would I ever say that?
Maybe at a woman’s retreat, when asked to by a speaker, maybe in a small group Bible study.

But why, why the need to not proclaim, who I am.
That’s what I am going to ponder today,
as I dig into God’s word and find truths that set me free.
Free to share to the world that I AM A CHILD OF GOD.

Will you join me in this journey, in this journey to boldly proclaim that who we is not “what we do” but it’s whose we are.

Take a minute and read the article by Bianca today. It will give you that extra push you need.

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