Where have I been latley?

I wish I could say that my lack of posts 
was because blogger was down and I could not post
to be honest I was excited to have the break
that being said I have been in a funk.
I have been at a loss for posting topics and thought it was better
to not post than force myself to do it.
( I am excepting any and all that want to guest blog the next two weeks)
email me or comment here if you are interested in doing this chrissy@simply-created.net)
I am back…ready to move on and get back in the game.
I have been busy with making items for my shop
not that you can tell with my lack of adding new items
hoping to change that today during nap time.
I have been working on custom orders..a lot of them!
I made pretty hair clips for a photographer friend
I have made a couple new diaper/all day bags …
I made 15 cozy blossom pins for the 4th graders in my Wednesday night small group…
they gave them to their moms for Mother’s Day! 
I finished hair pieces for a wedding…
and completed a necklace order for a Bridal party!
I am excited to be working on 2 more custom orders for Bridal party necklaces this weekend! 
Along with 15 fabric headbands for my daughters girls on the run team, a purse for one of Nancy’s teachers and a pillow set for a friend!
Thanks for being patient with me! 
And because I think you rock I am offering a 15% off discount on anything in the Shop right now.
Head over to SimplyCreated , at check out
use code PATIENT
Have a great weekend and stay tuned next week I will be hosting a sweet giveaway…
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  1. I just ordered a few things! Yay for the husband getting more hours!

  2. You are so crafty, Chrissy! I love all your stuff. The bags are very, very cute!

    I would definitely be willing to do a guest post for you . . . any time! Let me know if you need me.

    Have a wondrous Saturday! 🙂


  3. OMG you can make beautiful stuff; thanks for sharing it with us!

    You know, I feel a little insecure about this, but I would love to do a guest post for ya.

    I will email you and if you think I would be a good fit as far as guest posting goes, I’ll work something up for ya!

  4. Beautiful stuff! SO many GORGEOUS new designs! You should put the diaperbag in your shop! xoxo

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