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Some of you may know that i love to bake. For the most part I bake very well! just saying! In the baking world Jake never puts limits on what new thing I want to try. now in world of cooking, Jake states that i have less than average skills! HA, nice way of saying I stink at it!

He is not big on new things unless it is Mexican themed or has lots of cheese. To be honest whenever I try something a little fancy it ends up on the trash because no one dares eat the leftovers,. But today I am trying something new.When Jake came in the door from work this morning he said it smelled really good, and he went right to the crock pot and peeked inside. Immediately he asked what is that! Ha, I should have expected this reaction. I am making today a rolled pork tenderloin, with apples in the middle sprinkled with a brown sugar spicy barbecue seasoning, sitting on top of a bed of sweet potatoes. I know it’s not “really” fancy but trust me it’s fancy for our house. Stay tuned to see if we have a winner or a complete disaster.

On a better note I am also baking! I am making Cake pops. They are so cool looking and I am dieing to try them. I Found out about them from a cool baker named Bakerella. You need to check out her site and see her awesome treats, Cake Pops, and baking tips. I am sure you will be inspired to bake something. Feel free to share with me your creations!

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  1. I like leftovers. Just sayin’……

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