We have a couple of visitors….

We have visitors…
Let’s start by saying these visitors we not invited
they are not welcome at our house
and we would be just fine never seeing them again.

Meet Mr. Hairy Legs…

He decided to visit me in the hallway yesterday.
I am not scared of spiders but this one made me scream…
don’t worry folks he is no longer with us!

Our next visitor came quite unexpected and was eating all out veggies
Meet Mr. Gross:
He is trying to hide in this first picture…

  Ah there he is….

Yes we promptly removed him from the plant and put him in a container.

Lenny wanted to see what he felt like.
Such a daring 2 year old I tell you…

Now,  to kill or not to kill.
I was unsure what to do with this nasty thing
so we decided to put him in a bug catcher.
I added some branches I trimmed off my tomato plant for food.
Why am I feeding this nasty thing , still unsure
I guess I thought it would be cool for the kids to see it grow
cool, or gross, still deciding.

and he is still there 3 days later. I did have to refill his food as he eats A LOT.

Gross and Nasty I decided.
I’ll let you know if he changes anytime soon.
Do they even change?

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  1. I got the heebie jeebies just LOOKING at the pictures of the spider! EEK! And that caterpillar thingy is CRAZY lookin!

  2. That spider would have had me screaming too. YIKES! Hope the kids are enjoying the little, ahem, HUGE green visitor. 🙂

  3. That spider completely freaks me out just looking at it!
    And as for the caterpillar (that thing is a caterpillar, right?), I say keep feeding it! My son loves catching caterpillars and keeping them until they change. They do eat a ton though. And make a mess. Ew

  4. That is gross, but it’s cool because you get to teach your kids about bugs… I guess. haha.

  5. Wow those are some big visitors you got! where do you live?

  6. I cracked up when you said, ” Why am I feeding this nasty thing , still unsure “.
    That’s what moms do huh? We have this odd empathy for anything living, no matter how gross it is!

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