War Room / Space

how I am finding and creating my war room, prayer closet

I am taking the risk of sounding like a cliche’ but…
I want a War Room.
I’ll settle for a War Space if I need to.

I know thousands of people are making war rooms after watching the movie and I don’t want it to be something I do because it’s “trendy” right now.

creating a war room to fight against the devil

Is it pathetic that a movie has reignited my prayer desire fire?
There was once a time when I would have considered myself a prayer warrior.
When I craved my deep long conversations with the Father on behalf of my family, myself, and others.
I want to get back to that place.

So as for my place/space/room/closet…
I am going to spend the next few days locating my war room.
I do not really have a closet that I think will work well.
I have a craft room that is a decent size by the sheer amount of supplies in there would never allow me to focus.
The Lord will guide my decision,
For that I am sure.

I have a small list of things I would like to have in/around my war room.
~ Journals 1-3
~ pens, pencils, highlighters
~ sticky notes
~ a calendar
~ comfy chair/stool
~ pillow
~ scripture cards / prints

creating my war room

I am looking forward to creating this renewed relationship with Jesus
deepening our conversations
and growing in my trust for Him.

Do you have a prayer space? a war room? closet?
I’d love to chat with you about what has worked best for you.

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