Vinyl wall phrase

My son gets out of preschool at 3:00pm and my oldest does not get out until 3:40pm. They go to the same school and it takes about 10 minutes to get there from our house. I hate driving home to leave again in 20-30 minutes. Usually we just sit and hang out in the car and wait for Hailey but other times we run errands that are close by. Luckily for me there is a Goodwill less than a mile down the street. I thought we would make a quick (HA) stop by and see if they had a lamp for my DIY light box. They had just the lamp I was looking for, and for only $6.00.

It’s pretty little thing…the silver cord is the plug and the black on is a phone jack. You can plug the lamp into your jack an then your phone into the lamp. Nifty little guy! 

Of course I never did not leave with just one thing. I had to have bought these little bracelets to use with my bead necklace projects. Sweet deal for only $1.99

super cute leather tote for $1.99 and Monkey slippers for 1.00

Now I did not just post this to tell you what time my kids get out of school or show you my Goodwill finds (well maybe I would) but I want to share with you my favorite purchase today. For only 5.00 I got a a Once upon a wall phrase…I know these can cost $30.00 in the store

Continuing my wall simplicity theme today I thought this was the perfect replacement yet another frame full of pictures of, yup you guessed it, my family!

The Before Shot:

The frame has wedding pictures in it, been there since 2005
wall after frame was removed
The After Shot:

wall with new Vinyl Phrase

 So what do you think. I love having something there that is meaningful without having to a photograph!

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  1. i am your newest follower! i am jealous for a couple of reasons… i do not have a good will close by. The few times i have gone , i cant find anything cheap- yes its true. and i have wanted one of these wall stickers forever!! good job and great find!

  2. I am your newest follower hope you can stop by and check us out!
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