using my sword to fight

using my sword to fight

time to get real friends…
I started counseling last week.
wow, why is that so hard to say outloud?
One thing I am learning is that I need to be me, and right now “this me” is going to counseling.

The best part of my counseling is that my counseler is a christian.
We pray, we ask God to intervene, we ask God to be the one to change my heart.

We ask God to give me the bravery to use my sword to fight off the lies and hurts that Satan has been attacking me with.

Yesterday I sat in my counseling session with my eyes closed recalling memories from my past. Memories that all led back to a lie I have been believing for so long. A lie that has impacted every relationship in my life.

I believed the lie that I was an outcast and that I didn’t belong.

This lie has led me to be insecure, defensive, outspoken, over the top, and emotionally unstable at times.

During my session God revealed me to His truth.
I am His child {John 1:12-13} , He CHOSE me {Colossians 3:12}, He loves me { 1 Thessalonians 1:4}, He forgives me {Ephesians 1:7}, I am accepted {Romans 15:7}.

I knew these verses before my session but this time I allowed God to remove the lies that were living in my heart and replace them with these truths. Truths that I am finally accepting as mine.

Truths that define me.

I still have a ways to go in my sessions but I starting to feel free already. Free to move forward with truth as my weapon.

What truth are you not letting into your heart even though you know it in your head??

John 8:32

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  1. Joanna Teigen says:

    Thanks for posing the question…will be asking God to show me the answer. And I hope you know you “belong” with me, because I want to belong with you!

  2. I am just starting Counseling for my PTSD/ Complex PTSD, Generalized Panic Disorder, Anxiety Attacks, Major Depression and Bipolar. But since I live in such a small rural community I do not have a Christian Counselor, although I wish I did. My Health insurance will not pay for me to see anyone outside my County of Residence. We cannot afford to pay for it ourselves due to both of us being so Disabled we cannot work.

    In my tripping across the Web last night I found this and I think this series may help you as well as it is helping me : . Jamie has been there and understands us. (((hugz))).

    Be praying for you.

  3. <3 <3 <3


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