So we were able to get an email from Jake today! Yeah Baby! Funny thing is I gave up facebook for Lent and he emailed me through facebook. Good thing you can read your messages via email. I usually delete these and read them on Sunday but I had to read his today…This is what he wrote:

Jacob wrote on your Wall: “hey babe, hope you get this{via email of course} just wanted to say that i love you and miss you and the kids a bunch. thing are going great. there are 2 valcanos outside of where we are! hugs and kisses to you and the kids. see you soon. love jackie

SO that said the renovations are going strong. The living room is painted. The flooring is complete in the living room and kids room. We are finishing the hallway tomorrow. The new baseboard will be painted tomorrow. The new windows are being installed on Wed. The baseboards will be installed on Thursday along with all the rest of the trim being painted. Friday is clean the house day. And then Saturday the man returns! I can not wait. He is going to be so shocked.

I want to say thanks to everyone that has helped us this week and/or were we able to spend time with for dinner or playdates that really means a lot to us. All you emails and phone calls have made things easier for us.
In Christ’s name, Chrissy

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  1. can’t wait to see photos

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