truths about who she is

yesterday we talked about what the world thinks about who she is.
and what misconceptions we have created about her.

today’s post was supposed to look into each one of those lies and destroy it with biblical truths.
God has an interesting way of changing our plans and writing schedules. Although I do not believe that God causes us to become sick or makes loved ones die to teach us a lesson, i do believe that He uses those times in our lives to grow us closer to Him.

yesterday afternoon my father in law became suddenly ill. He is currently in the critical care unit. I am not going to share all the details here to protect the privacy of my family. just know your prayers are greatly appreciated.

today i felt led by the spirit to share God’s truth about one of those lies. the lie satan has planted in our minds about what a wife/woman’s role is. i want to speak specifically about the role of a woman in serious situations.

let’s be honest and say it like it is. women and men express emotions differently.

when my grandpas passed away a few years ago i shared my feelings daily if not hourly with whoever would listen. my husband knew that i needed to share with him all the most recent medical updates. the play by play of his blood count, oxygen levels, skin colorations. he would sit patiently and listen rubbing my back and nodding when appropriate. I never once felt like he was not supporting me.

fast forward to yesterday. my husband is face with the fact that there was a chance his dad would not pull through. i have never heard so much fear in his voice. instantly my mother mode kicks in. i start drilling him with questions. what happened, how serious is it, how are you feeling, who is with him, how can i help you? after a long pause all i heard was “i am almost to the hospital i’ll call you later.” being that this is my father in law i am concerned, scared, and sitting alone with a house full of kids, wanting to be at the hospital. i start texting him asking more questions. seeking his affirmation that he needs me there.

fast forward a few hours. i am texting again seeking details, and asking if he needed anything. pray, is how he responded. of course i’ll be praying but what else, i ask? again silence. please pray he responds.

i took this as him not wanting me there. as him not considering my feelings and how i need to handle difficult situations. then a sweet friend, who God placed in my life, spoke to me wisdom and advice. share with your husband that you want to be there but also let him now that you will be submissive and honor his way of dealing with things.

you see friends in proverbs 31 it says :
10 It is hard to find a good wife,
because she is worth more than rubies.
11 Her husband trusts her completely.
With her, he has everything he needs.
12 She does him good and not harm
for as long as she lives.

God chose for me to study who “she is”, who a Godly woman is for this specific situation especially.
I needed to remember what God says is my role as a wife. I am supposed to be a wife that has a husband that trusts her completely. this is not only speaking about being a faithful wife, its speaking about full trust. my husband needed to trust that i would be here and love him the way HE NEEDED to be loved. not what i thought was best for him. I need to ask him what he wants from me and follow through with it. I needed to honor his need before my own needs. i want my husband to trust that i care about how he feels and that i will do what i need to in order to make sure that he is feeling loved and supported.

whether that means i stay home caring for our kids, or just sitting silently rubbing his back for hours. maybe it’s giving an extra measure of grace to him when he doesn’t know how to express his emotions. or when the only emotion he can express at the moment is anger.

friends you see she is a woman who does not only do what is right when it is convenient or easy. She does not base her actions on how she is treated others Her character is steady, she is reliable and dependable.

it doesn’t say she is perfect, or always knows what to say. it does not say she never upsets her husband.

i pray that as we search the scriptures together this month we will have our eyes and hearts open to the words God has prepared for us. thank you friends for being here to support us.


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  1. So hard to remember that sometimes! Its not just about loving your spouse – its about loving them the way they need to be loved. A lot of wisdom in learning this!
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  2. Beautifully written and to the point. We do handle things differently. We should always respect the wishes of those we love, yes? My biggest struggle is being quiet when there is so much to say.


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