treading water

learning to treading water when everything around me is over flowing

The last few weeks have me feeling like I am treading water, all day.
I realized today that I have not blogged in over a week and this post is the only one I have on the calendar.
I am not giving up on my blog, nor do I feel that you as readers are not important. Life just got busy.
I think we are slowing down again and I am finding my writing voice, which I imagine it to sound a little brittish, a little country and have a slight rasp.
So not really but wouldn’t that be a cool accent to have.

Let’s catch up.
I recently announced some Big news. We did list our house and sell our house all within a few days. We are just waiting for the paperwork to be finished so we can close, which is somewhere around mid April. We are excited to pass our home to a Christian couple who want to use it to mentor and minster to high school students. We couldn’t ask for anything better.

house for sale

We have not found a new home at this time. Thankfully we still have time before being #homelessboermans. Kidding, we will not be homeless, but we may have to live in a temporary home until we find the one that God has been preparing for us. Which is again causing me to rely on him fully. Jehovah Jireh: the Lord provides. I know He will and I know the next house will be perfect BUT I wish he would show me now. Again he is teaching me to trust him and be patient. Oh the lessons he loves to teach me.

Jehovah Jireh

Remember when I said I wouldn’t binge watch Fuller House? Well I did good at first then by episode 5 it was down hill. I finished the season in record time and can not wait for season two to begin. #teammatt all the way. And yes before you ask the show is disappointing in the fact that it is not family friendly. I wish they could leave out the drinking, DJ kissing everyone and Steph’s not always appropriate outfits but this what we get in a fallen world. DO i recommend this to teenagers? Not without parent consent/viewing. I know they watch way worse on the regular but again I do not promote that either.

birthday girl

My Crohn’s played nice this last week. I almost felt human again. I was able to skip most of my naps and function with the energy of a normal adult. Then today things took a sudden nose dive and here I am typing this post from my bed with a heating blanket on, the shades closed, and Tylenol trying to battle this headache. Still we are celebrating the victory of last week and Praising God for the good days and relying on Him for the strength to get through the bad ones.

Oh and I celebrated a birthday last week. My 34th. I had beautiful weather and enjoyed a nice steak for dinner. I was also spoiled at youth group the night before and was surprised with delicious cupcakes.

birthday cupcakes

So tell me what did I miss while I was away? Share with me something you read online that too good not to share.

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