Tour de’Christmas…

…Decorating on a budget
When it comes to Holiday decorating I used to go over the top, cover every inch with something festive. Now mind you I live in a shoe box sized house and become claustrophobic shortly after adding the Christmas clutter décor.  This year I thought I would try something a little more simple. I did not want to spend any money on our decorations so I used some thing we had around the house. Although some of the decorations may be slightly “white trash” (WT) I will except them and try better next year.
I made this wreath last year.
I received it as a gift at my wedding but after 4 years of storing it, it got a little ruined. I saved the wreath though. I took apart some old holiday picks I had in my Christmas box. I used some left over craft wire and added a little Christmas sparkle to the wreath. Instead of hanging this on the door as we usually do, I hung it on the wall in the living room. This minimized clutter knickknacks on the shelves!  Since this was going to be my main decoration this year I decided to use this as my color inspiration. (red, gold, pearl, silver) 
I did not have one of those nice hurricane vases that most people use as a center piece so here is my WT substitute. I used an old fish bowl and filled it with ornaments I already had (red, gold and silver) I also added a few bells to fill empty spaces.
 I then filled another vase I had with a couple ornaments and some red beads. 
            As for our tree, well as I have mentioned multiple times we live in a shoe box. Yes, five of us fit in a house about 835 square feet. “gasp” Okay, now that is over we can move on. So we have had 3 different size fake trees in the last 5 years. This year we are using the 4 foot tall tree. Mainly because the diameter is small and it still gives us space to walk in our living room! Our tree is pre-lit with white lights. We added a string of red/green/white lights to it. 
The kids love decorating the tree and I like a nice cohesive matching tree. Needless to say we compromised.  I picked out the ornaments that we would use and they could place them on. We used some ornaments that were handed down from our childhoods and then I used red balls as fillers. 
 Our tree skirt was made from Jake’s grandma Betty (Gammy). I will have to spend one day writing a post just about how wonderful she was. The skirt is reversible, one side is green with white polka dots and the other side is a patchwork of red/white/green fabrics. This skirt inspired the purchase of the red/white/green lights. 
There are a few other Christmas decorations here and there but not many. I added a little fake snow garland and a snowman joined by Mr. and Mrs. Clause to the bathroom. 
My hopes for next year are to add more white/silver decorations. I am so in love with this wreath and these trees.

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