Together we can move mountains

words from my personal journal

I am sharing with you again words from my journal.
personal words that reflect my heart.
because these words are from my journal, there is no rules, grammatical rules, punctuation, sentence structure, or story outline..
just my words, my thoughts, my interpretations…

Jesus always knows what’s going on in my life
That was very clear to me today
He knew I was feeling very heavy from being overwhelmed
He knows that no matter how big or small each problem is
I get consumed by it

I feel so guilty knowing I try and get things taken care off my list
Before spending time with Jesus.

Today I was feeling lost as what to do next
I headed into my bedroom
Where the bed was freshly made, clothes mostly put away
But most importantly i was away from my list

I took a moment
Closed my eyes
And asked Jesus to meet me here
I asked him to allow me to feel his presence this morning

As I opened my Jesus calling devotional
I knew he was here!
I knew he was listening to my heart
I knew this devotional today was written just for me

The Lord asked me to remember who He is
In all His power and glory
It’s truly amazing to me all the Lord has done in my life
To better my life but ultimately to glorify him
And glorified He is:
• In my life
• In my marriage
• In my family
• And in my friendships

I have NOTHING without Jesus

After spending time thinking about God’s Glory
my problems faded away
When I take the time to focus on Christ, nothing else matters

  • Sure the dishes still need to be washed (by hand mind you)
  • Laundry will eventually get folded
  • Blog posts will finally get written
  • And dinner will be made

I know this and I know the Lord is working in all those areas of my life

I need to remember to find my joy in Christ
No matter the mundane chores of life

Ex 3:14 ncv
I need to continually reply on the Lord for my strength
Only God can satisfy all my needs

Habakuk 3:17-19 ncv
Fig trees may not grow figs,
and there may be no grapes on the vines.
There may be no olives growing
and no food growing in the fields.
There may be no sheep in the pens
and no cattle in the barns.
But I will still be glad in the LORD;
I will rejoice in God my Savior.
The Lord GOD is my strength.
He makes me like a deer that does not stumble
so I can walk on the steep mountains.

I truly believe that verse
I am soaking up all the promises it has for me
There have so many times in my life that clearly prove this to be true
Things I have had to overcome
Things I COULD NOT HAVE overcome unless the Lord was there
Doing all the hard work
Keeping me from stumbling and falling down
And if I did trip, he was always there to pick me back up
He was also preparing the hearts of all those that I would come in contact with
He would soften them so that we could move mountains together
No matter the circumstance

The Lord is amazing and I am so thankful to get my strength from him

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