Time for our Friday Coffee date…

Heeeeyyyy {insert smile and big hug}
I am so honored you wanted to join me for our coffee date today.
I hope it’s me and not the amazing cup of peppermint mocha you are here for!

If we were sitting down i first tell you how much i needed this.
my week has been filled with sick kids, sick me, and sick hubby.
It’s nice to get out and be germ free!

I would tell you how I have been feeling really “off” the last few weeks.
I know it’s due to my Crohn’s but I am not sure why.
I have been getting my treatments every 8 weeks
but this time around things are a little different.
It’s not my stomach that is the problem, it’s my joints.

Oh my aching joints.. sorry had to say it!

I would tell you how I was so close to finally being off my steroids last week
but the doctor said i need to up them again to help relieve the joint inflammation.
At least it’s helping. the joint pain is gone for the most part.

I would ask you to pray for me and health.
I would ask you to pray the doctors have wisdom on how to best treat me.
I see my doctor next Wednesday and hopefully we can figure this all out.
Okay now I will apologize for complaining and ask how you are doing.

I will ask you what I can pray for?  (leave prayer requests in the comment section)

I would also tell you about all the upcoming projects I am excited about
making monster cupcakes, a few sewing parties, a Sunday school class party,
and I am even going to attend my first pinterest party soon!

Well I have to run, kids have a half day today.
I hope we can meet again next Friday!

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