my time with 21 day fix

21 day fix meal prep, my thoughts on prepping meals

Before we start this post off on the wrong foot let me clarify two things…
1. This is not sponsored
2. I did not “do” the 21 day fix, I just prepared it. My husband did it.

This post is from the perspective of someone who did not lose a single pound during the whole 21 days!
However I did gain a desire to feed my family better.

As a 21 day fix meal planner let me tell this “diet”/lifestyle change, whatever you wanna call it is no joke.
If not done right it can ruin relationships.

1 weeks of 21 day fix meals

Spending an hour writing a meal plan, then another 30 minutes making a grocery list, then AT LEAST 4 hours cooking/prepping the food, another 2 hours portioning a weeks worth of snacks and meals.
It is not a job for light weights. It’s hard work and can make you get crazy eyes at times.
Ask my kids, I was not always nice on meal prep days.

The question I get asked most is: “Can i pay you to prep my meals?”
The answer I always give my dearest friends is a big fat NO.
My husband is the only one that I will suffer this much for.

bell peppers prepped

the 2nd question I get asked is: “should I try it?”
My answer is both yes and no.

Yes: it’s great for your health, yes it makes you change your families eating habits, yes my hubby dropped weight right away. The workouts are great.

frozen banana and blueberries for smoothies

No: It does cost a lot, especially for the shakeology. We have since found an alternative supplement that cost 1/3 as shakeology. We never used the beach body website. The containers are great but pinterest has taken out the need for them. You can easily find the container measurements and portion your food that way. Same with finding out what your container requirements are. Again there is a pin out there that tells you have to calculate what you need to know. You can usually find the containers and DVD’s on craigslist for around 30-40. I found pinterest has been the best resource for me. (sorry if this offends all my 21 day fix coach friends, i thank you for your support)

spinach and cooked chicken

The biggest changes that have happened for our family as a whole is portion control and less processed foods. I can tell you I rarely buy anything from those middle aisles in the grocery store now.

fresh fruit and veggies

Before you get all whoa on me. We do still eat junk in our house. Mainly just me but still. A girl needs oreos, all the gmo’s and artificial-ness included. We also eat taco bell once a week and drink soda. #letsbereal

cauliflower rice

One food item we will never live without now is cauliflower rice. Seriously it is amazing and the best carb substitute out there. There are so many different ways to prepare it and we found that just grating the cauliflower (2 heads) with our cheese grater worked best. It doesn’t cause it to get mushy like the blender or food processor does. Next we heat a TBS of EVOO in a pan, add the rice, remove when the “rice” has browned. I usually flavor it right away if we are going to eat it that night by adding garlic and minced onion. If we are making a batch for the week I will not season it. I also grate the cauliflower in large batches and freeze baggies of it to use later.

21 day fix approved lunch

It’s been nice having lunches and dinners planned so there is not last minute running around trying to figure out what to make.

That’s my honest take on the 21 day fix take it or leave it. I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Now that the “fix” is over I still prepare my husbands meals> I just do a day at a time as we always have fix approved foods in the fridge for him. This also takes away the stress of meal prep of a week day. #allthepriasehands. I am less strict with his dinner but still pretty close to the same.

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  1. Hey thanks for the thoughts. I have been thinking about it but didn’t want to overwhelm myself! Glad to know Pinterest will help me! Thanks again!!

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