Things that make me go hhhmmm …

I love looking through Etsy treasuries..
sometimes they are just so beautiful,
sometimes they are inspirational
sometimes they even include my items..

but today, i want to share one i created.
one that includes lots things that really make me wonder what people are thinking…

Let’s break it down a little here shall we…

although I am a fan of the coffee cup ring. This one just misses the mark as the creamer is set really high off your finger. I am sure one night wearing it and the thing would break off!

not really sure anyone would even know what this was? a missing piece to a musical box, or just a scrap metal ring. nice try though.

anything with the word latex, dress, and fetish is probably a no go for me!

I mean really is this weapon or a piece of jewelry.  if anything it’s def not for a mom with small kids!

I actually think this shirt is kinda cute!

The title is what got me first and then I looked closer..
a first aide kit and a medicine bottle. a RX for suicide. Not sure why anyone would want to advertise this.

I am all for re-purposing, recycling, and reusing but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. I am drawing it here. no bags, purses, clutches, pouches from wrappers of any kind people.

Must i say anything? did not think so!

are you trying to scare people as they come into their house.

You can display this next to your vase of dead flowers

This could be okay but having her strung through the head is a bot over the top for me!

why, this is just wrong

this dress could be okay if you removed the giant look at my boobs circles.

14. 9mm Gun Sconce
def for a real man!

not sure any woman who is old enough to wear high heels should be wearing anything Alice themed.
Def a what not wear idea here

Last but not least a giant swarovski crystal horse shoe belt buckle… why why why

Have you seen anything on Etsy that made you wonder what they were thinking?
I would love to see a link!

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