these kids make it all worth it…

at the end of the day
at the end of one of “those” days
you know the one where you yell extremely loud at your kids when you should not
when you feel like you did not praise them at all when you should have
when you should put your pride aside and apologize
you know, one of those days
the days when you feel like you are a taxi driver
when the pick up never ends
when you change an endless number of diapers
when you just need to breathe
well at the end of one of those days
I looks through pictures of my kids
and see that they are happy, they are loving
funny, unique, and gifts from God.
I am so blessed that the Lord has given me these kids to raise until they return home to Him.
Here are a few pictures that stood out to me today
Frank and I being silly
I taught my son how to use the tripod and self timer and then found these next 3 pictures on  the camera~ 
So funny these 3! 
My son taking pics of his big sister…he was practicing his skillz! 
making resurrection rolls
What helps you see the light at the end of one of those days! 
By the way Frank turns 10 tomorrow. Wow my little girl will be 10!
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  1. I totally am feeling this blog! It is soo hard to be a momma and then add everything else to it and it’s a recipe for disaster for me.
    Finally seeing my kiddos get it and loving on each other and their sweet prayers or pray hands from mr 1. Doing chores without even being told too or extra ones.

    Happy birthday to your Frank 🙂

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