The new { FIT } Friday…

today is the first installment of {FIT} Friday
previously known as Fat Friday.
Since we are starting the Fat Talk Free Zone
okay mostly fat talk free
I wanted to change the name of our Friday series.
thanks to my friend Lynette for giving me the idea for the new fit friday series! 
Now we are not only linking up to your weight loss/gain post!
but your over all health posts, fit activities, recipes and more….
I hope this opens up a new avenue of to our healthy living community!
We can learn so much from each other.
This week I noticed my Wii did not save my last weeks weigh in. so it looks like I gained almost 2lbs but really I just gained .2lbs
So we are still gaining but not as much.
I have decided to help keep me more accountable to exercise
that I am going to run every Mon and Friday PM with my oldest daughter. (weather permitting)
trust me she does not let me forget
So this evening after dinner 
if it is not raining too hard we will be off for about 1 1/2 hour run/walk/jog!
any ideas you have for living healthy?
link up below
If you have blogged about it link top a specific post
if you just have an idea share that idea and link to your main blog page if you have one
have a fav healthy recipe link to that but please include your name so we can thank you for it!
don’t forget to head to the buttons page and grab a Fit Friday button!
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