Thanksgiving to do list

thanksgiving to do list

I have a Thanksgiving to do list about a mile long.
I think it could be shorter but I like to add everything on it so that I can check off lots of things.
Checking items off the list is actually the fun part for a type A person.
So on my list is a really wide range of things, and the list is broken down into Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday to-do:

main bath: wipe counters, clean mirror, wash shower, mop floor
half bath: wipe counters, clean mirror, mop floor
Frank’s bath: wipe counters, clean mirror, wash shower, mop floor
Kitchen: wipe down counters, wipe cabinet fronts, mop floor, wipe down appliances, move toaster to pantry
Living room: pick up toys, dust, vacuum
Family room: pick up toys, dust, vacuum
Kids rooms: clean up mess, vacuum
set up kids eating area: put play room rug in family room, put craft room table on rug, move kitchen table, bench to kids table, add chairs
Set up adult eating area: add 2 leafs to table, add extra folding chairs to table
Food: make sweet potato casserole, make pickle wraps, pick up pie from JulieGR, set out all serving dishes and utensils, prep ingredients for 7 layer salad

Thursday to do:

Breathe: try to repeat hourly
Food: make mashed potatoes, add marshmallows to sweet potato casseroles, put together 7 layer salad, warm rolls, bake ham
Enjoy time with family
Have someone else clean up (this is more of a wish)

Now that I look at that list again I am feeling overwhelmed. AHHH

Good thing I have a mom who is a cleaning queen and is going to stop over today to help get my house in tip-top shape. (whether I like it or not)

What’s on your to do list?   Do you see something I am forgetting?

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