Thank you for the Birthday wishes…

{ Thank You }
I can not explain what it feels like to log into your email
and have 140 happy birthday messages. 
I mean really…that is way too sweet!
okay deflating my balloon head now! 
I started my 29th birthday by taking Frank to school in the morning. 
Usually the Hubby is home on Monday mornings
but he worked today so that he can have Saturday off.
He is taking Saturday off so I can go away 
for the weekend with my twisted sisters.
Love Him! 
After getting the little kids and myself ready
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then we headed to the mall for a play date.
We had a good time.
Amy even brought the most ah-maz-ing-ah
chocolate-chocolate chip muffins
After the play date we headed home to drop off Lenny
before bringing Nancy to school.
When we pulled up, this is what we saw! 
For those of you who do not know.
My husband calls me Tina (when being funny)
and I call him Jackie
~ that’s where comes from~
I was giggling in the car.
Oh how I love birthdays! 

When we walked in the door
I saw this…

How sweet! Boy do I love him! 
After bringing Nancy to school.
I was kid free to run errands
I was able to go to the post office to ship out some Etsy orders,
and even sit at secretary of state
for 30 quiet, blissful people watching minutes!

I had the option to renew my license by mail this year.
But the last time I renewed it they spelled my last name wrong.
plus I needed a new picture. 

I was angry that day 
and as pointed out to me today 
I look a little like Snooki. (minus the orange skin)

I am so glad to finally be rid of that picture!

as for the rest of my birthday…
I am heading to church for a leadership meeting.
Looking forward to hearing what God has for me
Thanks again for all the birthday wishes! 
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  1. Happy Birthday Hot Mama! Glad you had a wonderful day! Love ya!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! 29 is a wonderful year… I’ve been 29 for the past 13 years LOL and it’s great! Enjoy!

  3. happy birthday!!!!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday!!!! Looks/sounds like you are having a great day 🙂

    LOVE that last picture of you on the chair. So seductive…hehehe. Gorgeous!

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