Ten on Tuesday…#2


I am joining the Ten on Tuesday Linky Party 

my top ten for this week is going to be:
Favorite TV shows:
  1. Lie to MeI love the way Cal interacts with other people. He says the things so many of us do not have the guts to! Also this is one of the few shows my husband and I BOTH like to watch! show 1/3
  2. Bones: Another show Hubby and I share. We love the quirky relationship between booth and Bones. Bones’s sense of humor is nothing humorous, actually a bit awkward. but hey gotta love it!  show 2/3
  3. Law and Order SVU: show 3/3 that we watch together. We love how it’s not always easy to predict what’s going to happen and the cliff hanger endings always seem to frustrate me but have yet to stop watching! 
  4. Grey’s anatomy – Now I am not faithful in watching this each week. I try and catch up online from time to time. When you are a SAHM you need to get your drama somewhere
  5. Dinosaur train – not sure if it’s my fav but we seem to watch it daily around here. 
  6. Biggest Loser and yes I am that person who watches while eating ice cream
  7. Punky Brewster – oldie but goodie. I recently bought a whole season on DVD from target and now my 9 year loves it. What can you say she has good taste! 
  8. Wipe Out – although there have been weeks we have to change this due to too much PG-13 for the kids it’s a pretty funny show
  9. Small wonders – who could not love a show with a life like robot named Vickie! 
  10. America’s funniest Home Videos – or in my house is known as “Oh. SNAP”. That’s mister B calls it. I would say that phrase 100 times while watching the show so he assumed that’s what it was called. out Sunday night family tradition for the last 2 years is we get taco bell or Wendy’s for dinner and eat in the living and watch “oh, Snap’

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  1. I love love love Grey’s anatomy & I’m a faithful weekly watcher lol.
    Also Dinosaur train…I watch that daily lol.

  2. Great tidbits! Thanks for sharing

  3. I remember Small Wonder and Punky Brewster, I used to watch them too! I tried to get into Bones when it first came on. I watched David Boreanaz when he was on Angel, so I like him. But I can never really get into legal or cop shows. I see clips of it now, and it makes me wish I had stuck with it though. It looks like they do have a good sense of humor on there. Thanks for linking up!

  4. I absolutely LOVE Grey’s Anatomy! And I’m loving the Callie storyline this season since she says all the pregnancy related stuff I want to tell my hubby but don’t.

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