Ten on Tuesday…#1


I am joining the Ten on Tuesday Linky Party 
Here are the rules:
Tell us ten random tidbits about your life every Tuesday.  You can talk about things people may not know about you, things going on in your life, or even a Top 10 list of something.  Once you publish your post on your blog, come back here to link up and share. I can’t wait to meet new friends and see what’s going on with everyone! 
my top ten for this week is going to be:
complete Randomness 

  1. my favorite Season is Summer
  2. I put my self on a Kit-Kat bar diet for 2 months once!
  3. I lost like 10 + pounds on the Kit-Kat diet. -no I do NOT recommend this! 
  4. I am not a good house cleaner.
  5. I love my husband more now than when we got married.
  6. I often covet what others have
  7. My birthday is March 7th.
  8. I love checking the mail, even if I am not waiting for something.
  9. I am great at baking but less than average at cooking.
  10. I would rather paint a whole room with a brush than use a paint roller.

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  1. I love your random list! Agreed, summer can’t be beat! I’m not a good house cleaner either…the organizing blogs remind me of this often! (I finally hired a housekeeper to help twice a month – best money I ever spent!) And I eagerly check the mail every day too…usually bills but every now and then a nice surprise!

  2. Wow we have numbers 4-9 in common 😉

  3. I sort of sighed with relief when I read #6. Me too! I’m glad I’m not the only one…it’s something that I regularly work on. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Yes, the Kit Kat diet does sound interesting…though I think I might get sick of them after awhile. Interesting that you lost weight on it. I’ve found that if I go on a junk food binge that includes chocolate, I often lose weight too. Not sure why.

  5. I love checking the mail too, even when it’s just bills. Although, come to think of it, maybe this is why I am such a magazine subscription junkie! 🙂 I’m also with you on being better at baking than cooking. And recommended or not, I sooo want to try the Kit Kat diet now, haha!

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