tea with fruit infused water

tea with fruit infused water

I have a really easy recipe for you today. After last weeks round up of 10 refreshing drinks, I knew I needed to try out a new one for myself. I am still a baby tea drinker, meaning I am not big on the herbal taste. I am getting there slowly. I love the benefits of tea and the natural caffeine. To help cover the herbal taste I created a tea with fruit infused water. Best of both worlds is another name I like to call it! HA HA

tea and fruit water

All you need is fruit infused water, brewed tea, and ice. Of course everything tastes better in a mason jar with chevron straw.

making fruit infused water

I started by infusing my water with strawberries. I made sure to speed up the process by smoothing them up a little first. I added some ice to the jar, shook it up and let it marinate in the fridge for an hour.

Once your tea is fully brewed it’s time to create the magic. You could also just drink each on their own, but like I said I am not there yet!
I added some ice to my mason jar and then filled the it just under 3/4 the way with tea. (the ice was to help cool the tea faster)

tea with ice in mason jar

Next you add your fruit infused water, make sure to strain your water. I do not care for chunks in my drinks, unless it’s lemon, weird I know.

tea infused with fruit water

Here is a couple other options to this drink:

  • If you are running short ion time and can not infuse water try adding half of a crystal light packet. SO delish I promise!
  • You can also just infuse the tea, once you add your hot water add a few berries or other fruit let is sit for at least an hour or overnight. remove the fruit and enjoy!

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