finding the simple

Here is a little update on how I’m finding the simple in my days since have received quite a few emails asking me how I am doing with my word for the year. If you forgot God laid the word Simplify on my heart for 2018. Here is a little update on how I’m finding simple […]

Simplify, my word for 2018

I’d like to say I chose the word Simplify for 2018 but honestly the word chose me. I took a short quiz on Dayspring’s website and that’s the word it gave me. At first I wasn’t so sure about it, then I re-read the questions they asked and the answers I gave and it all […]

how to make more room in a narrow space…

time to tackle this narrow space called my living room. I can not wait to show my latest to do project… If it turns out as planned it shall knock your socks off… I am going to make a narrow shutter top tv console table.. a what you ask… here is a collage showing you […]

almost finished frame wall…

 I feel a so much relief having those hideous construction paper frames off my wall I hated explaining to everyone why they were they, as they stared at them on the wall! I am sure you all remember the post when I showed you my empty frame project… I had added a few more frames […]

Vinyl wall phrase

My son gets out of preschool at 3:00pm and my oldest does not get out until 3:40pm. They go to the same school and it takes about 10 minutes to get there from our house. I hate driving home to leave again in 20-30 minutes. Usually we just sit and hang out in the car […]