finding the simple

Here is a little update on how I’m finding the¬†simple in my days since have received quite a few emails asking me how I am doing with my word for the year. If you forgot God laid the word Simplify on my heart for 2018. Here is a little update on how I’m finding simple […]

Simplify, my word for 2018

I’d like to say I chose the word Simplify for 2018 but honestly the word chose me. I took a short quiz on Dayspring’s website and that’s the word it gave me. At first I wasn’t so sure about it, then I re-read the questions they asked and the answers I gave and it all […]

2016 goals, word, resolutions

It’s new years eve. Only a few hours left until 2016 begins. It’s time to really sit down and think about what I would like this new year to look like. I want to take time and document my goals, resolutions, and my one little word to focus on. As I sit here to write […]

daily failure

I have not been doing the best at my word for 2014. this is why I usually never set goals or resolutions. the feelings of daily failure seem to be overwhelming, embarrassing, and completely defeating. I get so discouraged that I just want to throw in the towel and pretend I never made any goals […]


i dread this time of year. everyone seems to be making big goals, lists, and resolutions they will never keep. yes i have been one of those people. but this year i want it to be different. I want my goals to be intentional, and inline with God’s goals for my life. not my list […]