wandering in the desert

I feel like I have been wandering in the desert for weeks. Walking around hungry and thirsty. I feel lost. The crazy part is I have this map in my hand, well it’s more of a book, that tells me exactly where to go. This book tells me exactly where to go to get my […]

redemption story

I have a very personal story of redemption that I would love to share with you today. I know we have not all walked the same path, nor will we. Some of us have a savior some of us don’t. No matter where you are in life, who you live life with, and how you […]


I just got back from a two day camping (cottage) trip with some of our high school students, youth leaders,  youth director and our senior Pastor. We swam, eat food, boated, water skied, tubed, jet skied, and so on. More importantly we went waiting expectantly to hear from God. We spent some time Tuesday morning […]

the same power

When you pray and ask God to give you words to write he always delivers. Twice today he brought the same phrase before me. “the same power” I first heard it on the radio. It was a new song by Jeremy Camp. The song really made me think about God’s great and mighty power. The […]


When I first began my journey as a teen mom my weekends looked different from most 19 year olds. I spent many hours every weekend at the laundromat. sorting. washing. drying. folding. carrying heavy baskets. entertaining a newborn. I’d bring books, magazines, call friends, watch tv, or just sit and stare. There would be times […]