DIY felt message board

Once I started seeing the felt message board show up all over social media I fell instantly in love with them. I knew right away I needed desired to own one. I rushed right to Amazon to order one and was stopped dead in my tracks. These cute signs cost way more than I anticipated. […]

Easy felt Valentine’s banner

Let me explain how this easy felt banner came to be… My little Lennie mentioned that we should decorate for Valentine’s day. Not only did she think WE should decorate, she thought SHE could make the decorations. If you know me, I am not a decorate for Valentine’s day kind of girl. (okay so there […]

cross stitch – DIY old school

I taught my daughter how to make embroidery hoop art this year so she could create handmade Christmas gifts for her friends. It was fun seeing her enjoy something that I love making myself. With all this thread and fabric laying out I was reminded of my childhood. I was reminded of seeing my mom watching her […]

How to save Christmas Cards

I am like a little kid waiting for Santa the whole month of December. I sit anxiously on the couch in front of the picture window waiting for the mail lady, hoping she is filling my mailbox with Christmas cards. I even stop letting my kids get the mail so I can be the first […]

Rustic handmade Christmas tree decorations

I can’t wait to show you my rustic Rustic handmade Christmas tree decorations. I decided to change up my Christmas tree theme this year and knew I needed to do it on a budget. I am calling my theme rustic but when I search that theme online I can see there is a large interpretation […]