Friday check in

Hello Ya’ll. Happy Friday, it’s time to par-tay… or something like that. Many of you have made comments that since I am stay at home mom “every day is my Friday”. Let me tell you why that is not true: 1. There is only ONE day on the calendar labeled Friday. Not 7. 2. It’s […]

friday coffee date vlog

i actually had time to vlog our coffee date this week. although i am such a ding dong and stopped recording half way through. so please click part two after you have finished part one to hear the rest of our coffee date. wishing all my influence conference friends a wonderful and blessed time this […]

Friday coffee date vlog

Welcome to our coffee date friends. Excited to spend some time with you. After watching my vlog leave me a message in the comments on what’s new with you. So you tube is not my friend right now. Click this link to get to my vlog. For some reason it will not not load here,

friday coffee date on saturday!

hey there friend. sorry i missed you for coffee yesterday. i hope you don’t mind that i had to move our coffee date to saturday! Saturdays are a good day for a friday coffee date, right!?! before we catch up lets take a minute to give this time to God. Dear heavenly father, i just […]

friday coffee date … where is the creamer

Hello *hug* thanks for coming over for coffee like i tell you every week, our friday coffee date is my favorite part of the week lets pray: dear Heavenly Father, we come before you today with thankful hearts. thankful for your love, grace and salvation. Father i am thankful that when o feel distant from […]