Summer reading list

I hope to get in a lot of reading this summer. My plan is to read a couple non-fiction books, follow along with a bible study, participate in 1-2 book clubs, and indulge in a lot of christian fiction. Currently I am in the middle of reading Nothing to prove by Jennie Allen. This book […]

10 books you must read

Let’s chat about the 10 books you must read today, or at least this year. We have a lot of books on our book shelf right now. Most are non fiction, more like resources, but repeatedly read. A few are nonfiction, and those too are read over and over. I don’t buy a book unless […]

filling up on words

Do you ever feel so full after finishing a good book?  LIke there is not anymore more room for one more word, yet you don’t want to let go of any of a single one. I have that feeling right now. I recently finished reading five books that I know God wanted me to read. Three […]

she reads

she reads. one way we grow as women and as christian’s is to read. if you only read one book ever please make sure it’s God’s very own words in the Bible. I love reading books. all kids of books. I wanted to share with my pinterest board that highlights some books i recommend. (no […]