Life is moving along

Life seems to have been moving along so fast this the last 3 weeks that I have not had time to catch up with you all. Since I last wrote we sold our house. We found a new one. We moved out. We moved into a friends basement. We are waiting to close on new […]

treading water

The last few weeks have me feeling like I am treading water, all day. I realized today that I have not blogged in over a week and this post is the only one I have on the calendar. I am not giving up on my blog, nor do I feel that you as readers are […]

Big news…

I am sorry things have been so quiet around here lately. I did not plan to take so much time away again. There has just been a lot going on over here. First: a plugin for my blog decided it wanted to crash my entire site for 3 days and I could not access my […]


I just got back from a two day camping (cottage) trip with some of our high school students, youth leaders, ¬†youth director and our senior Pastor. We swam, eat food, boated, water skied, tubed, jet skied, and so on. More importantly we went waiting expectantly to hear from God. We spent some time Tuesday morning […]

emotional roller coaster

our family just returned from a wonderful vacation on Lake Michigan. we rented a little basement cottage, that had a deck with a view of the water. i think this vacation is just what our family needed before life starts changing. i shared yesterday about all the chaos that happened when we returned. Er visit […]