Staying Inspired

staying inspired 5 tips to help you stay inspired

I know I am not the only out there that struggles with staying inspired.

Creativity is a blessed thing to have when it’s there
and when it’s not, well it’s frustrating.

Sometimes the ideas just flow and I can’t keep up with myself.
Other times I feel like I am done, out of ideas.
That’s when my checklist comes in handy.

Here are 5 ways to stay inspired:

1. Make sure your surrounding is aesthetically pleasing. If you are like me at all, sitting in a messing room distracts you from being creative. I get overwhelmed and lose focus. I need a room/space/area to be picked up, be filled with patterns and colors that make me feel happy.
(for me – whites, black, gold, bronze tan, stripes, polka dots, teal, pink, green)

2. Have a soothing fragrance in your space. When I am trying to work on holiday stuff I love to have a pumpkin spice or gingerbread scent in my home. When I am in a organize declutter mode I need a fresh citrus scent. I feel like scents help boost my mood.

3. Always have a journal/notebook. I have a slight obsession with these gold polka dot notebooks. I have them in every color. I use them for journaling blog ideas, prayer requests, business plans, design ideas, shopping lists.

4. Find your working playlist. I found out that certain types of music are not productive for me. When writing a blog post I can not have a song with meaningful words playing. I find myself singing and thinking about the song and not typing out my work. When I am creating a project I need upbeat music to keep me energized. So create a playlist that works for your creative process.

5. Surround yourself with creative people. One way to stay inspired is to walk along side others who spark your creativity. It can be a networking group, an art studio, a social media group. For me it’s having real conversations with other interweb folks, crafters, bible lovers, and moms. They help me see things differently, we bounce ideas off each other and share encouraging words.

Bonus: 6. Re-work your space. After being in the same room, with the same set up, everyday I get bored. When I am bored I get distracted, when I am distracted I lose focus on my work. Sometimes I need to just find a new pretty spot to sit, the library, coffee shop, a different room of my house, a friend’s couch. Wherever it may be sometimes just the change of scenery can ignite a new flow of creativity.

I’d love to hear what works for you. Maybe something that works for you could help me.

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