Sponsor Hightlight { Craft Couture } and a question…

One of my favorite bloggers and BFF is Dominique from
She is one of the sweetest girl’s…
She has a super fun blog 
where you can find recipes

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars Recipe

and really fun tutorials

Craft Couture is my first sponsor and I have a special place in my heart for her!  
Let me introduce you to the shop
you can find pretties like
this necklace is by far one of my favorites
Classy with the perfect amount of girlie! 
One of my all time favorite things Dominique makes is
I know what you are thinking.
SimplyCreated makes these too, why would I suggest this?
Let’s be honest, how cute and perfect are her rosettes. 
I actually am jealous of her rosette skillz! 
Sometimes you have to admit when other people are just better at something! 
Hurry now and head to Craft Couture shop
and pick up your favorite item.
Let me know what it is!

{on to the question}
I am going to do a Q & A post next week and wondered if there something you wanted to know.
Could be about me, my fam, SimplyCreated, blogging…ect
Comment here and I will answer your question in my post!

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  1. Where do you find the time?

  2. I love the blue rosette necklace!

    What is your favorite and least favorite thing about blogging?

  3. Thanks for introducing us to Dominique’s blog and shop!

    What’s your favorite article of clothing? 🙂

  4. awww thanks so much, you made my day bloggy bff :). & your rosettes are just as lovely don’t kid yourself :).

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