sometimes you need to eat with your eyes closed when I cook…

I had this great envision of what dinner would look like tonight.
I was going to make a hash brown casserole 
it was going to include
frozen hash browns
minced onions
cream of chicken soup
ground turkey (seasoned)
left over broccoli
cheese and a few other ingredients.
I should have know things were not going to work out so well
when I did not have the frozen hash browns, I swear I bought them
I was determined to make this
I peeled 4 russet potatoes and then grated them.
perfect hash browns.
I glanced at the clock and realized I needed to pick up Frank from Girls on the run. 
So we left 
stopping at the local thrift store on the way of course.
by the time we returned home it had been about 45 minutes
Do you know what potatoes look like after sitting out cut up for 45 minutes. 
a slight pinkish brown hue.
But hey I knew they were fresh so why not still use them.
I proceeded to heat oil in a pan to brown the potatoes.
shortly after entering there hot oil bath they turned gray.
not just gray and gross dead looking gray.
I was not about to give up here.
While the potatoes were browning (if that’s what you call it)
I browned the ground turkey in another pan. 
Once the meat was cooked thoroughly
I added all the ingredients to the now mushy gray hash browns. 
Let me just tell you
My son already has a texture thing and when he saw what I was making 
he literally ran the other way and begged to eat leftovers instead. 
This my friends, is what he was running from….
I am laughing out loud just looking at this. 
I told you before I am a less than average cook.
I can follow a recipe 
when I make up something on my own you are more than likely not going to like it. 
It did taste okay though.
here is a recipe I found online in regards to a dessert you need to eat with your eyes closed!
It’s called “The ugliest cookie ever” and it’s from one of my favorite food blogs Picky Palate
Do you have any food disasters you are willing to share.
Please help me to not feel alone here !
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  1. Omgosh i was reading your post and my not even two year old comes up and sees the pictures and was saying ewww ewwww and pointing at it lol. Sorry just thought it was funny 🙂

  2. Happens to me all the time. As long as it tatses good, that’s all that matters!!

  3. I do the same thing! I have this beautiful picture in my head, let’s just say, its not how it turns out!! I try to stick to recipes or things I have tried before!

  4. I do the same thing! I have this beautiful picture in my head, let’s just say, its not how it turns out!! I try to stick to recipes or things I have tried before!

  5. Oh girl, I tried to make these bug imprint cookies for Halloween that Martha did like 4 times. FAIL

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