Sometimes you just need a break…

Sometimes life gets in the way from blogging. I wish that was not really the case.

 So much this week has gotten priority before blogging.

Sometimes i need to finish wedding orders, make etsy orders, Helping with projects for another friends wedding.

Sometimes I get to baby-sit my friends kids and it happens to be a nice day so we play outside ALL DAY.

Sometimes I have multiple playdates in one week. Going to see butterflies and playing at the mall play place are much more important then blogging to my kids… As Jami NATO would say RUDE.

Sometimes Grandpa’s have stokes and then have brain bleeds. And sometimes you spend all day at the hospital hoping he makes it. And yes he did. Super strong guy that Grandpa. Even doing great after major brain surgery, did I mention he is 93 years old.
Yup he is and he is not giving up anytime soon!

Sometimes very important holidays come up and I need to drop all things and praise the one who created me. Easter is a wonderful day for Christians. We get to celebrate the resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ. Because He chose death we can have eternal life. Something I will forever be grateful for.

Sometimes laundry gets forgotten, meals don’t get cooked, crafts go half finished, and life seems to have stopped.

But then I look around and see my kids and husband playing and remember that they are most important. That they need me right now and sometimes that means the blog gets neglected.
I always come back, I always tell you why I left for a while and beg for your forgiveness. Umm do you forgive me?

with Love, Chrissy

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