Some are Saying Goodbye to Google Friend Connect…

I am sure many of you have heard the buzz about Google retiring Google Friend Connect (GFC).

What does this mean for me? Not much really! I have a blogger blog so I get to keep my GFC. At least for now anyway. I have a feeling once it’s gone and people have to find a new way of following a blog, GFC will be gone completely. Google would like you to add the G+ to your blog to have people follow you that way. I have added this option now. (look to the right it’s there)

There are a lot of people pretty angry about this. I have read a number of blogs that now boycotting Google all together over this. I am not really sure why. I know people “work” hard to increase their followers but my theory is, does it matter. I don’t blog to gain followers, I blog because I like it. Is it nice to see your GFC number increase, of course it is. I would be lying if i said it did not. It is certainly not the reason I blog though.

What does this mean for you? It means if you follow blogs with GFC make sure you pay attention to where they are hosted. Blogger blogs which get to keep GFC usually have blogspot in the url. If the blog you follow does not I would suggest subscribing to their RSS or by email.

I now have multiple ways for you to stay connected with me…
RSS feed, email subscriptions, GFC, and now Google +

I am going to ask that if you would please add me to Google + incase they do decide to get rid of GFC altogether. I enjoy looking at my readers blogs. I have found many friends by checking out the profiles of my readers!

Just click the Red Google + button on my right  bar to add me…

what do you think about all of this? how is it affecting you? your blog?

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  1. Google is giving me a lot of grief lately. Seriously.
    But, the whole GFC follower thing? Meh.

  2. I think that Aimee is right! Especially with all of the giveaways that take place…people “follow” a blog but does that mean that hey actually read the stuff we write? I’m a “little” blog so I don;t think it matters much for me (and like you I have a blog but thanks for the heads up because I don’t want to loose track of some of my favorite blogs, either!

  3. it is a bummer but, you are right.. it shouldn’t be about the # of followers AND just because you have 200 followers, doesn’t mean you have 200 readers. all blogs on {that really care about traffic} should use either a JetPack site stat plugin or a Google Analytics tracking code so they can really know who their audience is. just like Facebook fans, GFC is just a person that make a 1-click decision, doesn’t mean they actually “follow” you! 🙂

  4. I must be way behind, because I have not heard a single thing about this until now! 🙁 What a bummer. Because I only PREFER to follow blogs through GFC its so easy for me to have all the blogs I follow in one place in my dashboard.. And besides I dont need my blog loaded up with a million blog posts from all those I like to read every once in a while. I like to keep my email for business stuff only and Im hardly on my personal email because I already get too many emails each day and I dont have time to sort through them. So I am really bummed by this. 🙁

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