So since the news is out…

Since the news is out I feel it’s ok to start updating the blog with pregnancy information. Yup Pregnant…

Here is from when I first found out…

So Jake and I were chatting on Monday September 8th about having another baby. It was agreed that we should wait or not try again at all. But boy does God have other plans for our lives. SO that night I felt that I needed to take a pregnancy test as my period was late…and yes we are pregnant. I think our talk was a little late.

So the purpose of this blog is to track the chaotic events of my pregnancy. I may post on my normal blog soon once the secret is out. Jake asked that I wait until I am 3 months but OH NO…I can not wait that long. I am hoping to make it another week without spilling the news to ever person that walks by.

I am just starting to feel excited. The shock is wearing off. Don’t get me wrong. I am happy that God has blessed us with another baby. I just did not expect the blessing so soon.

I have been a little stressed about space in the house and a vehicle as all our kids are in car seats. So we will need to up grade soon. Jake is thinking a Pacifica. Anyone have one they want to donate?

So the fun things…we have decided on names…we have had these picked out for a while and I am excited to use one. I will share them early on but please if you do not like them or no someone crappy with the name please keep it to your self. If you like the names please feel free to share them with us.

Boy: Jonah Scott. Sorry Rachel, after meeting your son I fell in love with the name. And Scott is my Grandfather and brother’s middle name.

Girl: Hope Elizabeth. So this name we chose when we were pregnant for Braedon. It is in honor of Betty Boerman. Hope: for all the wonderful Godly words of encouragement she shared with us and Elizabeth as that was her first name.

So, as for a due date May 15th, 2009. That will make Hailey 8 years older…SNAP. SO I am 4 weeks right now. A long ways to go!

Our important family dates are going to be as follows…
Feb: Jake B day
March: Braedon and Chrissy B day
April: Hailey B day
May: Baby B day, our wedding anniversary, Mothers day
June: Fathers day

AAAHHH I see the b day over load now!! LOL

Well it’s late I need sleep. Hope you all are having a great week. I will post again in the next few weeks. Nothing cool happens right now. Oh, my first OB appt is 10-6!! We will deliver at the new Metro incase anyone wanted to know.

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  1. Congrats, just an FYI … Chris has his car dealer license, so he can shop the auctions! So if you guys start looking you can always call him and he can price shop for you and maybe find one at wholesale and save you some money!! let me know:)

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