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We I have made steps towards simplifying our house recently. I have some friends who live by the “less is more” theory. I completely covet there decorating styles although they each decorate entirely different. Jess’s house is decorated with a modern feel. She has mainly white walls, blue/gray/tan accents. She has very modern shaped furniture, clean lines and not a lot of clutter.  Amy’s house is free of clutter as well but has a warmer color pallet with softer lines. My house on the other hand falls in the middle of their color pallets.

We do not have much space in our home living room for shelves or bookcases; my only place to decorate is my walls. Right now our walls are covered in; plastered with; full of adorning a few family photos and a couple Hobby Lobby art pieces! I use the word “art” here loosely.  
We have Jake decided that every wall did not need to be sheathed with our family photos or portraits of our kids. I removed a few of the larger family photos and I am in process of determining which cute, innocentsweet child’s photo to remove next *sniffle *tear* No I completely agree with him, every wall in our living room does not need adorn a picture of someone in our family! Don’t want to look too conceded, although we have really cute kids!

I kept one family portrait up! This one is from 2010!

I wanted to create a focal wall and was trying to decide which one of our many large family portraits to take down. The family picture I chose was taken when Braedon was 6 months old. He is almost five now! What can I say I am sentimental about things…Not a hoarder just sentimental! That’s what I am going to keep telling myself anyway! Okay back to the Picture… This picture has shown up in many of my self portraits. It’s the wall the gets the best direct sunlight. As you can see from my belly-growth pictures it is not the best place for me to stand. I have a framed head in most of the shots!

The wall looked entirely out of place being so bare so I started searching online for ideas. I came across the perfect solution for my problem wall

I have acquired an endless supply of old frames creating clutter in my basement. I traced the old frames on some construction paper and cut out the exact shape of the frames.  I then used blue painters tape and started arranging them on my wall. I like the look of mixing shapes and sizes of frames. Together the Hubby and I agreed on a layout for the frames. The large oval on the right will have the words Gloria a Dios (Glory to God, in Spanish) written in white vinyl placed vertically. I thought at least one frame should be different. I have wanted to add this statement to our house for a while just did not know where to place it.
I am thinking of adding a couple of these little cuties to the corners of two of the frames
All the frames will be painted a flat black using this paint:

I will update as soon as we are further along in the process!  And here is my apology for the mess in the picture! Sorry! 

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  1. I am excited to see the finished product. I LOVE the idea.

  2. this is awesome! i’ve always wanted to do the whole frame thing on one of my walls, but i never know where to start! glad i found your blog..


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