She did it, She did it, my 10 year old sewed! …

Let me take you back to Christmas 2009
My daughter (then 8 years old) received a Brother LX-3125 sewing machine for Christmas.
Since I had no idea how to sew, I was unsure about her learning on such a “big person” machine.

For a few months it sat there, all alone in it’s box.
No one dared touch it!

That same year I joined my first MOPS group!
I had (and still have) this amazing mentor Mom, who happened to like sewing.
A few girls in my group had the itch to sew.
So our Mentor mom had us over for a “sewing” party.
Which in reality meant, teaching us how to thread our machines, cut fabric, and iron hems…
She eventually taught us how to make pillow case dresses… in April 2010

From that day forward, Frank’s sewing machine has had very little rest!
It’s hard to believe I have only been sewing for less than 2 years…
My greatest sewing accomplishment was my Amy Butler Cosmo Bag…

I loved that bag, the size, the colors but I sold it to a dear friend.
I have yet to make another
only because the amount of pattern pieces you have to cut out is redonkulous

Back to the reason for this post…
Frank has been begging to learn to sew.
I have not done it yet thinking the brother machine was still too much for her.
For Christmas this year I got her a Michley Lil’ Sew & Sew Mini Sewing Machine 
and some fabric. 

A few days after Christmas and a lot of begging later
I tried out her new machine… um not so much
It was awful, almost impossible to sew on.

So come morning I decided I would teach her how to sew on her original machine
Why did I wait so long?
She is a natural. 

In less than one hour she completed a reversible tote!
in about 3 hours time she had completed 3 totes! 
All 3 are reversible, all 3 are different sizes, and made from different types of fabric! 

Check her out in action…

I can not wait to show all the other projects she sews…
Now I need to get my machine fixed so we can stop fighting over hers!

Do you have any easy sewing projects for beginners she can tackle next?

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  1. So cute! What a great thing that you can pass down to her. My grandmother always sewed, but my mom never did so I didn’t learn how to until I was involved in theatre in High School! I love the pictures of her looking so determined as she works! High Five!

  2. Yay! Great job!! The first bag I ever made was in the same fabric as your Amy Butler bag! Love that print. I need to get some more of it…and maybe grab that AB pattern!

  3. this is great!!! i cannot wait to teach my nieces to sew! i learned when i was 8 and i am SO grateful! its easier, i think, to learn when your younger.

    this is a good link to start with! happy sewing to you AND your daughter!

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