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2011 has brought on many changes in my life already. We canceled our satellite contract, so no more late night HGTV! Pros and Cons to that. Pros: Less time sitting on the couch Cons: more time blog browsing for ideas! 
We all have seasons in our life where we are doing more of this and less of that. Right now I am in a more of blog reading season. By more I mean Obsessive amounts. What kinds of blogs? Craft, DIY, Refashion, personal, inspirational, pretty much any blog, except political.
This past week I have been cyber stalking some of my favorites a lot. I am looking for anything trendy but inexpensive. We have decided to try and spend less on materialistic things this year so I am trying to become more frugal in my accessories and clothing.

I needed a little DIY pick me up after this busy holiday season. I also wanted to create something for me. I recently reread a post from Jamie of Pretty Ditty about a beaded fabric necklace.Yeah, this was way too cute to not try.

Here is hers:

She has a great and easy to follow tutorial on how to make this.
Check it out here

And here is mine
I used pink Jersey knit and a thrifted beaded gold garland

tie necklace in a bow to wear!

I also found a super fun tutorial to make a Pom Pom Bib Necklace
I wouldn’t recommend visiting Ashley’s Blog Little Miss Momma (LMM) unless you have a few hours to devote to her awesomeness! Not only is she funny but she is so inspiring.

Here is her Pom Pom Bib Necklace

Her tutorial is very detailed and easy to understand, check it out here

Here is my version:
I used scraps from curtains and a broken necklace from Meijer clearance.

I am going to try Ashley’s lace necklace next:

You can view the tutorial here

Sneak Peak:

Later this week I’ll show you another amazing tutorial I used all this beautifulness for! 

A few that I read often for inspiration:
 *disclaimer: be prepared to sit and read blogs for a hours!


Nesting Place


the pleated poppy blog

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  1. I love both of your necklaces!
    Also, I’m thinking of giving up cable too. I don’t know… kinda scared =)

  2. Oh my, your necklace turned out soo adorable–I am loving the white pom poms and that chain you used is divine! I also love the jersey necklace–too cute! And you are sooo beautiful girl!

    thanks for letting me know about your project 🙂


  3. So cute!

    I’m your newest follower from blog hop! Would love to have you follow back!
    Have an awesome handmade giveaway going on!

  4. Very beautiful!
    Great job!
    Found you through Pink Dandy Sunday bh and I am now following you. Hope you can stop by and follow me back!


  5. Very cute! We should get together sometime soon! Miss you!

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