Self-Portrait Link Party

Ashley from Little Miss Momma is hosting a Self-Portrait Link Party:.

No this is not a contest to see who is the hottest! It’s about embracing who you are. Loving yourself and being proud of yourself.

She writes on her blog:

Yep, we’re really doing this.
We’re busting out the camera,
setting aside our fears,
stepping out of our comfort zone,
channeling our spunk,
embracing the beauty that is YOU,
capturing the moment,
and then posting those pictures
right here, right now
so others can see
your shining faces!
Well here it is my Portrait session from this morning:

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  1. You are so so so pretty girl! Love these pics {and you totally have an awesome sense of style}!!

  2. I wanted to do this linky party but I didn’t πŸ™ You look great!!!

  3. beautiful portraits! πŸ™‚ -JBenz

  4. your hair is the reason i always try to cut my hair all cute-like. it never works. hahaha! and i’m a big fan of the “ducky” lips, i do that at LEAST once a day, haha!


  5. love it. this was fun- way out of my box. you are so cute! πŸ™‚

  6. Ellen thanks…and you noticed my new pom pom necklace yeah!

  7. Hey Chrissy thanks for commenting on my blog! by the way, self portrait AND pom pom necklace?! Nice! your blog is so fun – I wanna do a wall of frames too but I have wall-commitment issues!!
    Ellen x

  8. #3 = wrinkly old lady hands. HA! J.W.

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