Scrubbing the Tub { DIY bath tub cleaner} …

Warning…I promise that I do clean my house
I am not a gross person
but yes the shower does get neglected around here…

I am about to share with you something  most people are not allowed to see when visiting my house..
my bath tub…
*enter scary music*

DIY tub cleaner

it’s okay.. take a moment and regroup
oh and stop judging..

Little Man wanted to earn some money so he could buy a microphone for his iPod.
He is obsessed with those talking animal apps, but he does not have the new iPod so can not do the voice stuff.
I asked him if he wanted to complete a chore to earn money.
He jumped on the opportunity.

*insert evil mom laugh*
me: Okay Buddy, i need you to scrub the bath tub.
him: Really?!?!? okay I’ll do it.

we googled DIY bath tub cleaners.
I did not want him sitting in or breathing in the chemicals of regular tub cleaners .

we found a “recipe” that included ingredients we had on hand.

The recipe was from

The ingredients included dawn dish soap and white vinegar.
Honestly, I was a bit skeptical at first.
to date, no “at home concoctions have worked on our tub.
But whatevs he wanted to earn money so we went with it.

(from Kristina’s blog:)
What You Need:

  • A 24 oz. (or larger) spray bottle (You may use one from an old bottle of cleaner; just wash it thoroughly first.)
  • 1 1/2 cups (12 oz.) white vinegar (for the best price, buy it in the largest bottle you can find)
  • 1 1/2 cups (12 oz.) Dawn liquid dish soap (again, buy it as cheaply as you can, which usually means buying a bigger bottle)

get the rest of the directions here

here is the after shot…
mind you this took him about 30 minutes to complete..
I did the rounded edge as it was hard but he did the rest…

here is a split image of the before and after..

Pure genius i tell you.
Next time I will actually follow the directions and heat up the vinegar
maybe that will rid of some of the elbow grease used.

and yes, I did take a bath tonight!

**those of you who asked I just used a green scrubbie and wash cloth.

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