saying goodbye to Joe

goodbye cuppa' Joe

A Cuppa’ Joe that is…

About a week after God told me He was going to heal me, I began to pray asking Him what this will look like.
I asked God what changes I needed to make in order to be healed, and I felt very strongly that he told me “coffee has to go”.
If you have been a reader here for a while you know i have a strong love for coffee. well more of a love for creamer in coffee but essentially it’s the same to me!

But just to be sure…
I drink coffee the next morning and, what do you know, I got super sick, like super, super sick… because adding the same word twice makes it way worse. Agreed?

I skipped the Cuppa’ Joe the next day and felt great. No stomach issues, no extra fatigue.

But to be really sure I heard him correctly, I tried coffee again. Before I could even finish the whole cup I was heading straight for the bathroom. (Sorry about the TMI.) For the next few hours my bedroom and bathroom became my hiding place.

So it’s settled, coffee is the first life change to happen if I want to allow God to heal me. And as of right now I’ve been coffee free for over a week and feeling great. I didn’t even suffer from massive headaches due to the lack of caffeine. I guess it helps when you use so much creamer your coffee is white–masks the coffee!

Matthew 5:4 MSG

So now we need to rename our Friday coffee dates. hhmmm… Join me for lemon water? Let’s sip on tea? What ideas do you have?

Has God ever asked you to give something up in order to receive his full blessing? 

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  1. This sounds extremely hard but I wish you the best of luck!
    Kelly recently posted..Can I Have Your Number?My Profile

  2. Coffee is good, but tea can be a good alternative and is usually less volatile in your system.
    Cassie recently posted..Before I Shop & A Giveaway!My Profile

  3. Alice Beerland says:

    Tough!I can’t go a day without coffee!

  4. What a great post!!! I know God will reward you for your faithfulness. My mother did something similar about 10 years ago and got very very sick. So sick she was admitted into the hospital. She prayed for years for God to give her the willpower to not only quit smoking but to not to return to it when it got hard. She was in the hospital for like a week or two and since then she has not picked up a cigarette since. I pray that God gives you the willpower to not only quit but to give you the strength to completely overcome it. Good Luck!!!

  5. O my…I don’t think I could do the no coffee thing,,,,and I def couldn’t do without creamer or sugar. My love for the sugar and creamer is just as much as the coffee, like you.
    I’ve given it up before but since I had my baby 7 months ago, I need that cup to help wake up.
    Good luck!


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